Keweitai UAV Training Center has the "Certificate of Certification for Civil Unmanned Aircraft System Pilot Training Institution" issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to the Chinese Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). It is the first batch of training institutions approved by the Police Aviation Management Office of the Ministry of Public Security with the ability to train police drones.


  At present, Keweitai UAV Training Center has two types of pilot training qualifications for multi-rotor UAV pilots and vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV pilots.


  Keweitai UAV Training Center can train professional police drone drivers for public security organs. Trained qualified public security students are uniformly registered and issued certificates in the Police Aviation Office of the Ministry of Public Security of China.


  Keweitai UAV Training Center can provide related training services such as oral English communication, aviation English, aviation theory knowledge, and license theory examination counseling. According to the needs of foreign customers, we will set up an independent teaching plan to provide detailed after-sale training for overseas customers.


  Qualification certificates for Keweitai UAV Training Center are:

   1.The Police Aviation Office of the Ministry of Public Security, "Driver's License for Police Unmanned Aircraft"

   2. The Civil Aviation Administration of China "Drone Driver License"

   3. China AOPA "Civil Drone Pilot Certificate"

   4. Keweitai's "KUTC drone pilot certificate"


  Keweitai drones flew across the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, across the vast sea, through the violent winds and rains, and also through the sea of heat. A large number of practical applications and flight experience makes Keweitai drone training more emphasis on the cultivation of application-oriented talents. The self-developed drone education course system, combined with theoretical knowledge and practical operation, assists students to obtain civil/police drone pilot licenses through training of drone technology, drone industry applications, drone control and other professional knowledge. Senior training teachers will strictly follow the requirements of the students' application industry and teach according to their aptitude. The teaching objectives are clear, the teaching process is standardized, and the training is completed efficiently. And the students are guided to become first-class leaders in the application of the drone industry in various government departments, military police forces and related institutions.

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