Keweitai won the honor of "One of Top 100 SMEs of Shenzhen Independent Innovation enterprises "

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On November 8th, the 6th Shenzhen Self-innovation Top 100 SME List was announced. It is reported that the award-winning enterprises are strictly selected from nearly 3,000 registered companies and are excellent representatives of more than 2 million SMEs in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Keweitai Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. stood out by virtue of its outstanding independent innovation strength, and successfully entered the top 100 list.


The selection of Shenzhen Top 100 Innovations was organized by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Municipal SME Service Bureau, the China SME Association, the Municipal SME Development Promotion Association, and the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Newspaper. It has been held since 2006 and is held every two years. It has become one of Shenzhen's most influential brand activities and has played a positive role in incentivizing small and medium-sized enterprises to innovate independently. According to the statistics of the Intellectual Property Committee of Municipal SME promoting & development Association, the average number of patents in top 100 companies exceeds 40, and the average number of patents in top 10 companies exceeds 230, and some companies have also applied patents in the United States, Germany, Japan, etc.


Shenzhen Keweitai Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the fields of industrial drones and wireless mobile video transmission systems. It has been committing to R&D/production/application of wireless mobile video transmission systems,industrial UAV systems and wireless network transmission systems.The company was founded in 1997 and its headquartered located in Shenzhen. It is a national high-tech enterprise. Keweitai has always adhered to the development concept of independent R&D and technological innovation, focusing on the development and upgrade iteration of UAV core technology, and has made major breakthroughs in many key technical fields of industrial-grade UAVs,have won more than 200 independent intellectual property rights in the fields of wireless communication and UAVs, and product technology is in a leading position in China. Keweitai closely follows market trends, is oriented to customer needs, continuously bases on innovation, advances with the times, strives to enhance its core competitiveness, and is committed to providing users with safer and smarter UAV products and comprehensive & accurate solutions.


The company successfully launched the first generation industrial-grade multi-rotor drones in 2014,was the first one in China to develop multi-rotor drones suitable for high altitude flight in the plateau. Keweitai’s UAV systems were successfully installed in the Public Security Ministry in 2015 and became the earliest Multi-rotor UAV application in the country for border enforcement. In the field of emergency rescue, Keweitai’s drones had participated in disaster rescue such as the Nepal earthquake, the Guangming landslide in Shenzhen, the mudslide in Suichang, Zhejiang, the Jiuzhaigou earthquake in Sichuan, and the forest fire in Miyun Pinggu, and played important roles in investigation & rescue. The company adhered to the concept of "Innovation is the first power" and has the courage to break through and make it excellence. Keweitai is the first one in the industry to develop a multi-rotor drone which can take 15 / 25KG payloads and flight time can last 75min maximum. And,developed Hybrid and hydrogen fuel powered multi-rotor drones based on battery power systems,which have formed a rich product range to meet the needs of diverse markets. Actively deepen the application of subdivision fields, combine with cutting-edge technology to develop automatic border drone port, drone cluster technology, drone intelligent border inspection technology and drone forest fire prevention solutions. Keweitai's drone systems are widely used in military and police, emergency, environmental protection, power grid, forestry, marine, urban management, petrochemical and land surveying... and are widely praised by industry users.


Keweitai’s drones applied in emergency rescue


15KG payload 75min long endurance six-rotor KWT-X6L-15


Keweitai will consistently adhere to the enterprise spirit of hard working and innovation, with the responsibility of revitalizing national science and technology, continuously improving the company's hard-core innovation capabilities, and fully promoting the development of wireless communication technology and industrial-grade drones.




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