Aerial eyes and ears in the communication skills competition of Heilongjiang forest fire brigade

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Wild field relay platform,multi-rotor drones and wireless video transmission,UAV fixed-point throwing & dropping, network switch deploy,all these like aerial eyes and ears.


From August 9th to 12th, Heilongjiang Forest Fire Brigade organized the fourth emergency telecommunications support force competition, 36 outstanding participants from 6 detachments gathered at the Songhua River to show their power and compete against each other.


The chief leader of the communications department stated that the competition was based on the 《Forest Fire Fighting Team Education and Training Outline (Trial)》 and was guided by various communication support tasks centered on forest fire fighting and emergency rescue. Make efforts to fill in the weaknesses of the communication support, improve their communication capability, and practically explore a new way of "promoting training by comparison and preparation by force", so as to meet the urgent need of the team to implement "all disasters" and "all weather" needs for dangerous tasks.


The competition was based on actual combat requirements,whether it is course arrangement, content design, personnel division, or score evaluation, competition management and comprehensive support, they all strictly perform the standard "new, practical, and strict", which is to test its training result of emergency communications security force,but also to strengthen the team ‘s ability to improve communication support for diversified tasks.


"Please connect the Cisco 2960 switch equipment within the specified time and conduct the connectivity test ..." "Please use the multi-rotor drone to accurately return the image of the crown fire and continuous fire line ..." Testing questions were randomly generated, and proficient skills were displayed one by one at the training site.


According to the content of 4 comprehensive subjects: Ultra-short wave relay station emergency installation, multi-rotor drone flight and wireless video/picture transmission, drone fixed-point throwing & dropping,Cisco switch deployment, the actual performance showed its speed and accuracy, field-to-field skills and practical contests,which fully demonstrated the tenacious fighting style and solid emergency communication support capabilities.


The kind of competition will be held more and more in order to improve technical person/pilots professional operational skills.Each practice would help a lot when facing real difficulties.

2020年6月18日 15:54