Helongjiang forest firefighting general corps took part in “Longwei 2019-2” regional flood-fighting and emergency rescue drill.

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Undertake responsibility to Fight flood,be pioneers to overcome difficulties.

On July 19th, Heilongjiang Provincial Government and the Mudanjiang Municipal Government jointly organized the "Longwei 2019-2" flood fighting and emergency rescue drill. According to the emergency plan deployment, the party committee of the Corps paid high attention to mobilize a total of 270 people from Harbin Forest Fire Brigade, Yichun Forest Fire Brigade and Mudanjiang Forest Fire Brigade to participate in the drill.

The drill was important action to implement the spirit of the relevant meeting of the provincial defense & commanding center,it was also an effective means to test and enhance the ability to fight floods and rescue.



There were totally three drill areas and 7 drill contents,they mainly perform in the following ways:

The superior lay down the guideline and the corps drilled according to it.The key districts,cities,counties,townships,and villages were linked at four levels. The military, police, and civilians were coordinated and  reinforcement were implemented in different places.​



During the drill, all the members of the Heilongjiang forest fire brigade participated to improve political positions and ideological awareness, consciously implement organizational actions, take initiative, plan ahead, coordinate operations, overcome difficulties, and follow flood situation monitoring and reporting, activate pre-arranged plan, organize power delivery, carry out emergency rescue operations, the drill was summarized to be deployed in five stages, follow the basic principle of" testing ability, focus on actual combat ", adopt organization coordination, detachment-led, multi-point synchronization to organize and implement, comprehensive inspection team to resolve major problems and increased   actual combat capability and emergency support capabilities such as command and control, coordinated dispatch, rapid response, power delivery, and coordinated coordination and disposal when facing flood disasters.




The drill was located in the water of Mudanjiang,the whole process was designed strictly accordance with the standards of preventing floods. The drill was maximum closed to actual combat in order to increase capabilities of the organization and command, on-site rescue, mobile support, evacuation and transfer,etc.



Alltech UAV drones were used for emergency rescue,the drone took lifebuoy payload to the area,pilots remotely control the remote controller and drop the lifebuoy to the people in the water.



Alltech UAV drones played an important role during this drill,the system will help mankind to be more calm when facing disasters.

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